The Kentucky Society of Natural History is a nonprofit organization incorporated in 1943 to promote the study of nature and the natural sciences. Members of the society enjoy nature, want to learn more, and share their experiences and knowledge with others. These goals are met through monthly meetings, field trips, publications, and conferences. Membership is open to all with an interest in nature, such as astronomy, botany, entomology, geology, mycology, ornithology, nature photography, zoology, etc. The society has members throughout Kentucky, and neighboring states.

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Summer 2015

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We went to the Memorial Service yesterday for long time KSNH member Larry Miller. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. He will be greatly missed by all.


Pat Meyer is putting the KSNH State Treasurer position open as Berl is going to be president starting this fall. We need someone to step forward and be an active part of this organization. Pat will more than gladly assist/orientate this person to this position. With lots of our members having previously served as officers, we really would like to see some new faces step forward.


2015 Fall Conference at Mammoth Cave


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  • Our Mission Statement

  • A. To promote study and interest in natural history and related branches of science.

  • B. To encourage research in the field, in the laboratory, and through books, periodicals, monographs and other literature.

  • C. To disseminate knowledge of the phenomena of natural history to the membership and to the general public.

  • D. To publish and distribute the results of studies and research in natural history and allied fields.

  • E. To conduct educational institutes, lectures, photographic dislays, moving pictures, and to use other appropriate means to the end that our natural resources, animate and inanimate, be conserved and that wiser use be made of them for the general good of human society.

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